Innovators in Theatre, Film and Multimedia based content for Road Safety Education

At Walking Forward, Drama and Creativity are the main weapons we use in our mission to educate people about serious Road Safety issues prevalent in today’s society.  Our goal, using the powerful tool of Drama, is to ensure your key Road Safety messages are delivered in an entertaining yet hard-hitting and emotionally challenging way, to create long lasting, memorable impressions.

By using a highly creative, realistic and dramatic approach, to both our live or recorded productions, we can create lasting, powerful messages that unquestionably contribute to creating a safer environment for all.

Why use Drama?

Drama influences attitudes, can bring about changes in behaviour and can make a lasting difference to people’s lives.  You will always remember a magical piece of theatre or a great film over and above a stifled conference, old school health and safety video or a series of PowerPoint presentations.  All of our productions engage their target audience, entertain them, then subtly educate and leave them with a highly powerful, emotional message.

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