“Just a note to thank you for your visit to us here at Cranbrook School, in Kent, last Friday. Your presentation of ‘Never Saw The Day’ was fantastic. My sixth formers who saw the play and took place in the Terry Springer workshop were most impressed and the feeling is those who missed the show missed out on something rather special!”
Jo Taylor, Head of PSE – Cranbrook School

“Just a note to tell you how amazed we were by the performance which your team put on for us on 14th June at Trelai Primary. We have many theatre groups at school but all the staff agreed that this was the best we had ever seen!”
Shelia O’Brien, Head of Junior Department – Trelai Primary School

“I would like to say how much we appreciate the funding of productions as good as this: the play had an obvious impact on the pupils – it was entertaining with great performances – and I thought it was extraordinarily effective in getting home the message about road safety.”
Jill Sheldon, PSHCE Co-ordinator – Teddington School

“Once again may I thank you and the other members of your company for your hard work and professionalism throughout your second tour of schools in Northern Ireland. All schools paid glowing compliments to your performances and commented on how relevant and important the messages in the play are – you left students and staff with a lot to think about and I am confident that quite a number of your audiences will think more about their attitude to driving. (Sadly 2 young 19 year old men were killed in a RTA in Co. Fermanagh the day after you left – it’s a pity all young road users can’t have the opportunity of seeing “Never Saw The Day”).
David Young, Senior Road Safety Education Officer – Belfast

“Yesterday at Lawrence Sheriff School in Rugby the actors gave a memorable performance to about 150 lower sixth formers. Everything they did, from arriving in good time to clearing away, spoke volumes of their professionalism as a team. Even the staff enjoyed the whole performance and as you can imagine after 30 yrs I have seen one or two mediocre efforts.”
Tony Hudson, Head of Sixth Form – Lawrence Sheriff School

“I just wanted to let you know that I appreciated your performance today. I am the girl who had a friend die at the beginning of the week. Nobody appreciates how it feels when something like this happens until they have been there. I want to thank you as it has made me feel better to know that even if one person today took the message home with them then you are doing your jobs!”
Charlotte, TWGG School

“I would have even paid for myself to go and see this play. It was brilliant”.
One young male’s response to NSTD in Donegal, Ireland

“Our Year 3 and 4 classes have just watched/taken part in the brilliant production of Cat Ninelives. Just wanted to say how well the important message was portrayed and how talented the actors were. This was a great experience for the children, superbly presented; many thanks for arranging it for us.”
John Holt, 2004

“Just a note to say thank you for The Price. It hit just the right note with my year 7’s, who were very moved by Raymond’s story. The crew were fantastic and friendly and the show was really slick and professional. All in all very impressive and a huge thank you from me and all my little ones.”
Karen Wright, Year 7 Co-ordinator – Woodbridge High School

“Last week’s theatre group were wonderful. The acting was superb (better than any others we have had in the past) and the children were enthralled by the whole show.
Mr A Jones, Headteacher – Greenlawn Junior School