What We Do

We write, design, produce and direct all of our plays, films, videos and presentations, catering directly to our clients’ needs, making us a one-stop resource for any company wishing to create an original dramatic production.

We can provide:

Interactive educational resources

From simple lesson plans to fully interactive DVDs, mobile based applications and websites incorporating video and animation, Walking Forward can produce media-rich e-learning solutions to support any subject.



Video Production

From finding the right setting to editing the finished product, every part of video production is handled in-house, keeping the clients’, writers’ and directors’ visions intact.

We feel that by keeping the editing ‘in-house’, Walking Forward maintains direct control over the finished product, and any further adjustments that need to be made with regard to data or key messages, can be done so at a later date¬†with minimum cost to the client.


All of our casting is conducted by us to ensure we only employ professional, trained actors.

We treat all our actors with the utmost respect, paying inline with Equity standards and have gained a excellent reputation within the industry.


Artistic Director Gavin Payne, leads a team of professional directors in creating our unique brand of theatre, video and film.

Theatre Production

Walking Forward handle each and every step of production, allowing the clients to have a closer control on their product.

Full script services

Our team of in-house writers are highly experienced in creating anything from a two minute corporate video script to a full length theatre script.

We work closely with the client on all aspects of the script to ensure all key messages are expressed and delivered in the most powerful way.