Gearing up for Cat Ninelives & Wasted Tours

After two days of castings it looks like we are off  to a flying start with Cat Ninelives and Wasted. It’s daunting when you realise the amount of work there is to do, to get the shows out on time – and at the standard everyone knows us for. But a bit of hard work never hurt anyone! With over 700 applicants for the six roles on offer, WF have never been so inundated with applications to work for us. Hopefully that means that a) Our good name goes before us and b) We’ll have great casts for our upcoming tours. Although it seems like an age away, we’re already getting enquiries for the Spring. Please get in touch early. That way we put out the shows that you want, rather than what we think you want! Thanks to all those that have booked up for this Autumn 2014 run and we promise you the usual engaging, poignant and powerful pieces of TIE.