Pupils Raise Voices For New DVD

Primary pupils on Anglesey provide the vocal talent behind a new educational DVD aimZoom carded at promoting responsible behaviour on school buses.

Pupils from Ysgol y Fali became professional recording artists for a day when the North Wales School Transport Project ZOom asked them to record bilingual voice-overs for the “Fit To Travel” DVD.

ZOom is a WLGA funded project and works in collaboration with all six North Wales Authorities. The project looks at innovative methods to reduce anti social conduct such as driver distraction, truancy, bullying and vandalism.

The interactive DVD will be distributed to more than 450 North Wales primary schools. “Fit To Travel”, which highlights the issues of bullying and driver distraction on school transport, is aimed at year six pupils who’ll soon be using school transport to get to their new secondary school.

A normal class room was converted into a temporary recording studio and housed 12 bilingual voice-over artists for the day. In the usual ZOom sprit the DVD is creative, thought provoking and heaps of fun.

The lesson based DVD will be teacher led and includes roll playing of bullying and behaviour which causes driver distraction. The aim is to discuss uncomfortable situations, teach courteous conduct and to empathise with fellow passengers. The DVD will encourage responsible pupil behaviour if they’re confronted with a real situation in the future.

Anglesey’s Head of Highway Services, Dewi Williams, explained, “Fit To Travel is a scenario based DVD which looks at a number of topics including unruly behaviour and vandalism. The DVD provides a great way of interacting with students and gauging their reaction in a safe environment. Pupils learn by discussing how they’d react differently if ever confronted by a similar situation on school transport in the future.”

Highways portfolio holder, Councillor Hefin Thomas, added, “School Bus safety is a very serious matter and so it’s important that we educate pupils. In keeping with the ZOom style the DVD is informative, interesting, stimulating as well as educational. This, I believe, makes for a great learning experience.”

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