Never Saw The Day

Target Audience: Year 11 and above

The Synopsis

With humour and high drama, Never Saw the Day follows the lives of five friends.  From their local football match, the cafe, to practising for their first gig at a local pub, James, Kaz, Lee, Steph and Vince are a group of friends enjoying all that life has to offer. A romance is blossoming, careers are planned, and then a tragic accident blights all of their lives. A belligerent attitude towards car driving and passenger responsibility becomes the catalyst for this thought-provoking drama.

Production Information

The performance is dedicated to those who have suffered as a result of a road traffic accident and will continue to suffer until society realises the tragic game it plays in the quest for speed and convenience. Based on a true story, the play examines the repercussions of an RTA and highlights levels of responsibility for passengers and drivers.

Even the most hardened, streetwise, non-theatre-going audiences are moved from laughter to tears in a naturalistic and powerful piece of theatre. The content and style is televisual and episodic in it’s format and complements not only the important work of Road Safety Units but also is a useful addition to Drama studies within schools and Colleges.

The production comes complete with 5 performers, set, lighting and sound equipment, including radio mics, amplifiers and instruments. Never Saw the Day lasts 50 minutes with the optional ‘Terry Springer’ show (topical, irreverent debate, in a familiar style) performed in situ for a further 20 minutes. The nature of this popular debate allows for specific Road Safety issues to be raised at the request of the sponsor.

For further information about the show, including the set layout please download a copy of the Never Saw the Day – Schools Leaflet