Deadly Mates


Deadly Mates is Walking Forward’s second bilingual production. It toured North Wales throughout Autumn 2010 and showed to over 5,000 Year 9-11 pupils.  The show raises awareness of the dangers associated with being passengers in cars driven by young and inexperienced drivers. In partnership with The North Wales Road Safety Group, the production was created to raise an understanding that under certain ‘trigger’ situations, young passengers need to adopt robust self-preservation strategies. Passengers should consider whom they get into a vehicle with and remember that there are other options, such as staying with a friend or taking a taxi.  Using a unique blend of video and theatre, Deadly Mates is a powerful piece proven to have an impact on young drivers.

“Very well presented way of delivering a message to pupils about speeding and getting into a car with someone who likes to drive fast. Not many people know that this is a serious matter and using real life events to make everyone aware of the dangers is a great way to make them think twice about doing these things. Thank you so much for visiting our school.”
Year 11 Pupil – Ysgol Friars, Bangor

“I believe that the performance was very good and shoud be shown to pupils of all ages. It was very gripping and an eye opener for many.”
Year 10 Pupil – Hillgrove School, Bangor