The Magic Tree

‘The Magic Tree’ was specially written for The Lawrence Batley Theatre by Gavin Payne and Jack Lyons and has a strong musical focus with original tunes that are reminiscent of ‘The Little Shop Of Horrors’ and ‘Return to the Forbidden Planet’. It’s aimed at the whole family as it has a proper story and great songs and music. It’s a rock ‘n’ roll extravaganza with great tunes that the audience will be singing as they leave the auditorium.

The Synopsis

Skid, Maddie and Chevvy work in a recycling yard but this is no ordinary place. Amongst the old machines and cars live birds, badgers, foxes, butterflies, ducks, frogs, newts and even an owl. But as with every Christmas show, no matter how far from the norm, it has to have a baddie, and this paradise is threatened when the yard is sold to Mr Spyker. However, a clown arrives carrying a pot plant (this turns out to be the magic tree of the title) and there may be a way to save the yard, after all.

There is a subtle message within the show that promotes recycling, but this doesn’t overwhelm the story. The Magic Tree is first and foremost an adventure with a warm heart.