The Price

Target Audience: Year 6 – 8

The Synopsis

Arnie P Blinchenstein is the cigar-chomping producer of Hellivision TV and is about to launch his new satellite television news programme ‘The Price’. Protégé Slick Mepho fronts the programme but soon becomes disillusioned with the crass way that their Road Safety Special is developing. Slick has a secret, a secret that he can’t hold back any longer.

Production Information

Walking Forward’s production ‘The Price’ was launched in September 2003 and has enjoyed huge success since then. Originally produced in association with TfL for a 33-week tour of London Borough Councils, the show has since toured throughout the UK.

This fast paced 50-minute production captivates the target audience from the start, with a mixture of anarchic comedy and moving drama, designed specifically to educate this vulnerable age group.

The show boasts a fully equipped professional theatre package with lights, sound, set,  microphones and 50″ Plasma monitor that compliments the four professional actors and allows us to perform to any sized audience.