Target audience: Year group 9 and above


The Synopsis

Frankie, Jay and Andy are three friends in the prime of their youth. Clubbing, football and hanging out with the girls are just a few of their favourite hobbies – so when Frankie’s girlfriend, Stacey, and best friend Lucy agree to join the boys for one of their ‘big nights out’ – arrangements are made to guarantee a good night is had by all. Time to call on Ezee, a friend with contacts who can ‘sort things out’ in order for this to happen.


So plans are made and everything’s set for a Friday night to remember. But as events unfold, their evening soon takes a tragic turn when Andy crashes his car en route to the club. In the face of the aftermath, friendships are tested and questions asked, as the group struggle to deal with the consequences of an accident that should never have happened.

Production Information

Through a unique blend of film, directly interacting with live theatre, ‘Wasted’ is a powerful and ground-breaking drama which explores the issue of drug driving within modern youth culture. Aimed at Year 9 and above, this educational drama seeks to address some of the moral issues linked to driving whilst under the influence of drugs.

‘Wasted’ is suitable for Year 9 and above. However, this is an extremely hard-hitting production and although it has been devised specifically for ages 14 plus we leave it to the discretion of each individual borough as to which year they target the show towards.

‘Wasted’ lasts approximately 50 minutes and comes complete with 3 professional actors and a full set with plasma screen. The show has the flexibility to perform in many different venues, large and small, however we recommend that the maximum audience capacity per show is kept to 125. This is to ensure that each and every member of the audience can see both the video footage as well as the play.

‘Wasted’ seeks to educate and inform its audience that driving under the influence of drugs is highly dangerous and costs lives. Wasted portrays how drugs can have a dramatic effect on driving ability, with after-effects lasting for many hours, sometimes even days.

Please note that the play does not enter into detail about individual drugs and their effects. Further information related to drugs is distributed to audience members following the show. Instead, the play provides a platform for raising awareness about the real dangers of drug-driving and attempts to shift attitudes towards creating a safer environment on the roads.

The show also addresses the importance of passenger responsibility and invites audience members to question whether or not they would feel safe about getting into the car of a driver under the influence of drink or drugs.