ZOom! from Walking Forward on Vimeo.

‘Zoom!’ was commissioned by Denbighshire County Council as part of an award winning project for the whole of North Wales. ‘Zoom!’s’ key objective is to create a level of understanding for year 7, 8 and 9 pupils so that they recognise the good behaviour expected from them when using school transport.

Using a clever mix of film and theatre, 50 plus North Wales secondary schools partook in this drama production which tackled the issue and outcomes of bad behaviour on school bus journeys.

The story centres around Doug, a school bus driver, who loves his job and has a great rapport with the students he transports everyday. That is until Mark, a school bully, starts taking the bus to and from school and manages to affect everyones behaviour on board. Utilising the mediums of both film and live theatre, we follow the story in both the past and the present and watch the consequences of Mark’s actions unfold upon Doug and his family.

The production tackles behaviourial issues currently prevalent on todays’ buses by using familiar situations of bad behaviour. ┬áThese include:

Pupils standing up; Shouting; Throwing things in the bus and out of the window; Smoking; Fire starting; Vandalism; Swearing; Bullying; Abusive behaviour to fellow student, driver and government officials; Constant bell ringing; Distracting the driver.

The production lasts 40 minutes and is followed by a short workshop.  The video sequences are shown on a 50 inch plasma television as part of the performance.